Paulien Alberts

Paulien Alberts is a qualified O.R.U.N. Instructor at level 4 for dressage. She is also a Small Tour, para-equestrian and freestyle judge in Holland and Germany.

She successfully competed up to Grand Prix level in the Netherlands and Germany.

On two occasions she has been the reserve champion for Holland in Z1 and Z2 dressage.

She has been in the top ten several times from National Championships to Small Tour level.

In recent years she has been placed highly in the “Emsländische Championships” in “leistungsklasse 2″ (Small Tour level) with various horses.

In 2012 she won the Emsländische Championships” with her horse Untouchable winning by 69%.

At the moment Paulien rides various horses ranging from the young to Grand Prix level. She continues to develop herself and is taught by Loes Corsel.

Henny Alberts

Henny Alberts is Paulien’s dad and stable manager at “De Oude Meerdijk”. He makes sure that all the horses are fed and keeps a close eye on their health and wellbeing.

In the past Henny has played in the national handball team of Holland and at international level has done judo and athletics. Therefore he knows how demanding top level sport business is and completely understands the importance of the right diet plan to be successful .

Tineke Alberts

Tineke Alberts is Paulien’s mum. She lends a helping hand in whatever needs doing at the stables and occupies herself largely with the stables’decor and appearance creating style and atmosphere. She also makes sure everything is running smoothly.

Alongside these three permanent members of staff “De Oude Meerdijk”can also rely on help from volunteers and Interns