Freestyle to music by Paulien Alberts

Paulien Alberts has created Freestyles for many people. These freestyles have been used at National First level, European and World Championships (Julian van Schaik with Dailan at the European Championships ponies where she became fourth and Mary Jordan and Laura Goldman in Grade 4 and 1A para-dressage at the World Equestrian games in Kentucky and Celine van Till at the WEG in Caen and EC in Deauville). Several riders have also became champion of their region in the Netherlands with a freestyle made by Paulien.

When she was younger Paulien played the violin for many years so has acquired a good musical ear. She has also been an experienced Dressage rider for many years and enjoys riding Freestyle herself as she feels that you can show more of your personality in a Freestyle rather than in a standard Dressage test.

If Paulien makes a freestyle for you, the procedure would be as follows:

First you would design a dressage test for yourself or Paulien can design one for you consulting you along the way so that your strengths can be highlighted and your weaknesses are placed where they are less prominent in the test.

You will then have to practise this test until you can do it confidently and record yourself then you can drop by with the video or, if you live further away, you can sent it by mail or upload it to youtube.

If you are able to visit the location then  you and Paulien can choose the music together.  If you are unable to visit Paulien will let you hear the chosen music for your approval before she puts the freestyle together.

When choosing the music the following will be taken into account: Does the rhythm of the music suit the rhythm of my horse; Does the music make my horse more light footed, faster or slower; Does the music compliment my horse?

Once the music is chosen it takes about two weeks to put together the freestyle ensuring that the music complements and puts the right emphasis on all the tempo changes, transitions and movements.

For more information on creating a freestyle without any obligation , feel free to contact us.